Clinical Society Meeting

Sno Topic Department Presenter
1 Anesthesia for Cervical Spine Surgery Anesthesia DR. Sathish R, Senior Resident
2 Mobile Teeth - Stabilization Dentistry DR. Anitha .S, Senior Resident
3 A Case of Cutaneous Larva Migrans Dermatology DR. Shatikkulamin, Senior Resident
4 Little Things Make a Big Difference - Foreign body ENT DR. Archana, Assistant Professor
5 The Great Masquerader in Medicine - Hypertension General Medicine DR. Sathwick, Senior Resident
6 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction General Surgery DR. Suryanarayanam, Senior Resident
7 A Case of Endometrial Carcinoma OBG DR. Nishanthi Chandru, Senior Resident
8 Congenital dislocation of Hip Orthopedics DR. Sabari Selvam, Assistant Professor
9 Single Umbilical Artery Pediatric DR. Shylaja, Assistant Professor
10 Psychosis in Inhalant Use Disorder Psychiatry DR. Ashwathi.J, Assistant Professor
11 SCUT Block Anesthesia DR. Vignesh, Senior Resident