Executive Director Message

Executive Director
Welcome to Sri Venkateswaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Insitute

Sri Venkateswaraa Medical college Hospital and Research Institute is located in a serene campus at Sri Venkateswaraa Medcity.

"Our communities need us more than ever and our medical professionals have answered the call to serve with great courage, ingenuity, and determination". Our teaching faculty show composure, diligence, equanimity, passion, and compassion to extend their knowledge to the students. "Medicine is an art as well as a science practiced by doctors and researchers here. At Medcity we have the latest technology and training and inculcate humanity, caring, and concern as a part of the training."

With the redefining curriculum by the National Medical Commission, we have successfully managed to initiate and carry out several vital changes in the area of teaching standards by supporting them to contemporary demands. Here at Sri Venkateswaraa Medical College and Sri Venkateswaraa Medcity Hospital we are educating doctors and physician associates of the future, clinicians who will go on to make a real difference in the communities they serve for generation to come. Our ambition as a Medical College is to have a real impact on the quality of care provided here.